Font’s mastery of anatomy is self-evident - I challenge you to show me an artist that can draw hands in such a natural and expressive manner as he does - it is his use of perspective, scene layout, narrative, volume, lightning, and textures.

Sergio Bleda

Even when he does his sexy drawings or his horror stories he keeps on being a gentleman. An aristocratic artist. His nude girls are always ladies! Classy and elegant.

Martin Lodewijk

I cannot overstate how good the work of Mr. Font is or how much his work has inspired and helped me. His page layouts are always inventive and never distracting. He is brilliant in his use of black and white relationships. The body language of his characters is second to none. His commitment to environment is unquestionable and he combines that with a very precise use of composition that never seems to repeat itself.

Klaus Janson

The Hunt is absolutely perfect in its deployment, a small narrative gem. It is brilliant, the way in which Font weaves together all the narrative threads (the young men, the hunters, the police, the broadcaster) until he fits them in a totalizing action.

Manuel G. Quintana